Hollie West

After finishing her degree in illustration it wasn’t long before Hollie started her career as a tattoo artist back in 2011, with such an intriguing, unique style of work that has not gone unnoticed, Hollie has been featured in several tattoo magazines and blogs all over the world.
She finds her inspiration from the more traditional style of tattooing with an illustrative twist, using the contrast of bold line work with a bright colour pallet, Hollie can transform almost any everyday object into a fun, desirable piece of artwork.

Hollie West.jpg

Contact Hollie West



If you're enquiring about getting a tattoo please make sure that you have included the following information:

  • Your tattoo ideas/subject

  • Whether you want your tattoo in colour or black and grey

  • Where on your body that you want the tattoo

  • Rough size that you want the tattoo

  • Any reference pictures that you may have

  • Pictures of the area that you want tattooed (if you have existing tattoos that need to be worked around or covered)