Joe Carpenter

Joe has been tattooing since 2009. Throughout his career he has worked in various tattoo studios, won awards at tattoo conventions and worked guest spots alongside some of the best tattoo artists in the world, learning from the best and perfecting his technique along the way. With a killer combination of many years of experience and an excellent understanding of colour theory. In 2016 he decided it was time to start his own tattoo studio and opened Five Keys Tattoo Studio.

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If you're enquiring about getting a tattoo please make sure that you have included the following information:

  • Your tattoo ideas/subject

  • Whether you want your tattoo in colour or black and grey

  • Where on your body that you want the tattoo

  • Rough size that you want the tattoo

  • Any reference pictures that you may have

  • Pictures of the area that you want tattooed (if you have existing tattoos that need to be worked around or covered)